Mowing Height

35 - 50 mm

Over Seeding Rate

35 g/m²

ProSelect Thermal Force

Thermal Force

  • Advantages
  • Description
  • Excellent heat and drought tolerance
  • Beautiful year round dark green color
  • Incredible dense turf
  • Excellent shade tolerance
  • Excellent purity and germination; all varieties are USA produced

All Festuca varieties in this mixture have a good Rhizoctonia resistance. The mixture is dark green, will create a very dense surface and will thrive very good in shaded areas. Thermal Force is a favorite mixture of sod growers due to the very extensive and aggressive root growth.


ProSelect Thermal Force is an unique mixture as it contains 90% Festuca arundinacea providing an excellent mixture for those places where rainfall or irrigation is limited. All the varieties used in Thermal Force are bred for heat and drought tolerance and show excellent performance in various trials.

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