Almonds are a quite demanding crop; split nitrogen application (half in spring and half in summer) is more efficient than a single shot in the spring. Potassium is very important for good, consistent almond production. It strongly positively affects fruit size, and K deficiency decreases fruit production on the following year. Annual K2O maintenance rate is around 225-270 kg/ha. Summer leaf analysis, is an important mineral nutrition tool of this crop. Almonds are sensitive to excessive salts, especially at leaf Na ≥0.30%, and leaf Cl ≥1.79%.They grow best in areas with cool and wet winters, followed by a mild spring, a warm and dry summer and a mild fall. The tree is relatively cold-hardy, it requires chilling temperatures during winter dormancy for normal spring growth and flowering.

Nutrivant Booster


Nutrivant Booster face parte din gama Nutrivant: ingrasaminte foliare hidrosolubile. Aceste formule contin un pachet de nutrienti special formulat pentru citrice.

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Solinure FX Solinure FX 10


Solinure FX 10 are o formula echilibrata de NPK, si este recomandat a fi folosit la culturile in camp deschis, plantate pe sol. Contine cloruri si uree, are efect acidifiant si nu contine microelemente. Unul din marile beneficii al acestuia este faptul ca va mentine sistemul de picurare curat.

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