• оксидна форма
Азот Всього (N) 7%
Амідний азот (Ur-N) 7,0%
Фосфор (P205) 7%
Water soluble (P205) 7,0%
Калій (K20) 7%
Water soluble (K20) 7,0%
Manganese (Mn) 0,10%
Водорозчинний 0,10%
Хелатовано ЕДТА 0,10%
Zinc (Zn) 0,100%
Водорозчинний 0,100%
Хелатовано ЕДТА 0,100%


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Agroleaf Liquid Total+  Total+



  • Advantages
  • Directions for use
  • Is very versatile and can be applied as a foliar nutrient on its own or with other foliar sprays including pesticides.
  • Contains concentrated, cold water extracted Seaweed to ensure high levels of plant biostimulation.
  • Has a balanced triple 7 formulation with a citric acid based delivery system to aid foliar penetration.
Directions for use

During periods of stress caused by both environmental and pesticide applications Agroleaf Liquid Total+ will provide the plant with Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium along with chelated Zinc and Manganese and a seaweed extract biostimulant.
Agroleaf Liquid Total+ acts as a safener for pesticide application to help prevent any negative effects on the plant during a period where it is already under stress from disease pressure.
Agroleaf Liquid Total+ contains 7% Nitrogen, 7% Phosphorous and 7% Potassium which are formulated with a citric acid based delivery system to aid penetration of foliar applied products such other nutrition products. Zinc plays a key role as a structural constituent or regulatory co-factor of a wide range of different enzymes in many important biochemical pathways. Manganese is used in plants as a major contributor to various biological systems including photosynthesis, respiration, and Nitrogen assimilation.

Agroleaf Liquid Total+ is a balanced NPK nutrient and plant biostimulant formulated to provide plants with targeted stress relief - just when they need it most.