• оксидна форма
Азот Всього (N) 8%
Нітратний азот N-NO3 7,5%
Фосфор (P205) 0%
Калій (K20) 0%
Calcium oxide (CaO) 13,8%
Водорозчинний 13,8%
Agroleaf Liquid Calcium+ Calcium+



  • Advantages
  • Directions for use
  • Unique liquid foliar product combining most efficient amino acids to boost Ca uptake 
  • Will improve building of cell walls within the plant and the produce and thus the storage and shelf life of all produce
  • Will boost Ca absorption and nutrient efficiency and prevent deficiencies
Directions for use

Calcium is playing a key role in plant nutrition, improving root development, building cell walls within the plant and the produce, its storage and shelf life.
The ideal ratio of N:Ca is making Agroleaf Liquid Calcium+ suitable for foliar application, especially during the latest stages of vegetation, when the plants are normally requesting low amounts of Nitrogen.
Avoid to mix in the same tank products containing Calcium  with other Copper and Sulphur based products!

Agroleaf Liquid Calcium + is a liquid foliar fertilizer containing Calcium and Nitrogen. The product is fortified with unique technologies to boost Calcium absorption and to prevent Calcium deficiencies in fruit and vegetable crops. It is fortified with three amino of which it is proven that these enhance Ca uptake. Glycine and Glutamic acid are fundamental metabolites in the formation of vegetable tissue and chlorophyll synthesis, while L-Arginine increases synthesis of flower and fruit related hormones.
Enriched with non-ionic surfactant − with excellent spreading and wetting properties − it will further improves the speed of Ca uptake and coverage on the leaf surface.