Density kg/l


EC at 1 g/l


pH 1 g/l


Agroleaf Liquid Magnesium


  • Advantages
  • Directions for use
Better spreading
The F3 technology will lower the surface tension of the droplets and will spread the nutrients better over the leaves; this results in a greater covered area and thus a better nutrient uptake.
Better adhesiveness
Especially on waxy leaves, when nutrients stick to the leaves, less nutrients will runn-off or bounce-off. This will give a better retention of the nutrients.
Better retention
The F3 technology will allow the formation of small nutrient deposits on the leaf surface which will be re-activated after rewetting it (e.g. high air humidity). This will avoid evaporation of droplets and provide prolonged nutrition for an improved foliar application.
Directions for use
Crop recommendation



Water volume


Conc (%) Timing
Vegetables, in general 3-6 300-600 1

During the entire crop

cycle, 3-4 times


3-6 250-300 1.2-2

After flowering

2-3 times

Onion, Garlic 3-6 300 - 600 1

After 5-6 leaves,

2-3 times

Soft fruits, Orchards


3-6 600-1000 0,5 - 0,6

From fruit set - harvest

3-4 times

Cereals 3-6 200-300 1.5-2

2nd internode 

flag leaf

Corn 3-6 200-300 1.5-2 At 8-10 leaves
Oil seed rape 3-6 200-300 1.5-2 Spring till flowering

* Use lower dosages in lower volume of water/ha and higher dosages when the water volume is increased.


Agroleaf liquid Magnesium is a high quality liquid foliar fertilizer especially created to prevent and control mangnesium deficiency. It has been formulated to be widely used in all types of crops. Agroleaf Liquid contains a unique, ICL owned, technology increasing the efficiency of each foliar application: F3 SurfActive