Nova Straight fertilizers

Nova Straight Fertilizers

ICL Specialty Fertilizers is proud to offer a new complete portfolio of water-soluble single fertilizers.    Our single source water-soluble fertilizers are specially selected and produced for professional growers. All single water-soluble fertilizers are derived from an unrivalled quality source. Pure and clean fertilizers are needed to grow vegetables and cash crops safely. The complete ICL portfolio provides the solution!

Nova MAP Nova MAP

Nova MAP


Nova MAP 12-61-0, monoammonium phosphate is ideal for use in the initial growth phase of all crops, immediately before and after seeding and planting/transplanting.

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Nova PeKacid Nova PeKacid

Nova PeKacid


Nova PeKacid 0-60-20 is ICL SF’ patented water-soluble PK fertilizer which is ideal for open-field and soilless crops. The product can be used in both hard-water conditions and calcareous soils.

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Nova N-K Nova N-K

Nova N-K


Nova N-K 13.5-0-46 is the Potassium Nitrate from the ICL Specialty Fertilizers. The product provides a highly efficient source of Nitrogen and Potassium, dissolving quickly in water.

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Nova SOP Nova SOP

Nova SOP


Nova SOP 0-0-50+43SO3 is the Potassium Sulphate from the ICL Specialty Fertilizers. It is one of the common source of Potassium based fertilizer used in hydroponics. The product is indicated to be used in any fertigation system.

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Nova Mag-S Nova Mag-S

Nova Mag-S


Nova Mag-S 0-0-0+16MgO+32SO3 is ICL SF’ Magnesium Sulphate fertilizer providing fully soluble and high purity nutrients, dissolving quickly in water.

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Nova Calcium

Nova Calcium


Nova Calcium 15.5-0-0+27CaO is the Calcium Nitrate in the ICL Specialty Fertilizers’ range. The product is the most indispensable fertilizer being applied continuously throughout the entire crop’s cycle in hydroponics. Nova Calcium will help to maintain an optimum level of Calcium in the plant and will prevent or correct any deficiencies.

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Nova Ferti-K Nova Ferti-K

Nova Ferti-K


Nova Ferti-K 0-0-61 is the ideal product for Chloride tolerant crops. It is the richest Potassium fertilizer though the least expensive one.

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Nova PeaK Nova PeaK

Nova PeaK


Nova PeaK 0-52-34, monopotassium phosphate, is produced by ICL Specialty Fertilizers, the largest manufacturer of MKP worldwide.

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