Osmocote Controlled Release Fertilizers


Osmocote, a unique invention

Having pioneered controlled release fertilizers 48 years ago, our worldleading Osmocote range of products are still evolving thanks to innovative new technologies. The most significant difference between then and now is the level of applied scientific horticultural knowledge.

Our most advanced, 4th generation, Osmocote fertilizers provide a choice of longevities as well as the way nutrients are released making these products unique. No matter which Osmocote controlled release fertilizer product is selected, growers can rest assured the highest quality and return on investment will be delivered.

Osmocote 5

Meet the next generation of Controlled Release Fertilizers: Osmocote 5. With ingenious OTEA-system and innovative NutriMatch-Release technology growers get access to an advanced level of plant nutrition, offering exceptional leaf color, plant growth and resilience.

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Osmocote Exact DCT

Osmocote Exact Dual Coating Technology (DCT), sets the new standard with its fourth generation of coated fertilizer featuring programmed release. With this revolutionary product the start of the nutrient release is postponed until a later predetermined time.

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Osmocote Exact

Osmocote Exact products are the safest Osmocote products ever. They allow real control over the nutrient supply to the plant as the release of nutrients is matched by the plant’s needs due to patterned release.

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Osmocote Exact Tablet

Osmocote Exact Tablets provide an easy way for growers to administer extremely accurate doses of nutrients. The tablet’s cone shape makes it very easy to push into the growing medium.

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Osmocote Pro

Osmocote Pro is ICL Specialty Fertilizers’ second-generation coated fertilizer. It is packed with NPK, magnesium and all the necessary microelements. Plus it has a fixed longevity ranging from 3 – 4 months up to 12 – 14 months.

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Osmocote Start

Osmocote Start is a controlled release fertilizer that serves a dual purpose: it delivers proper nutrition to crops with a short cultivation cycle and provides additional nutrition to crops for a period of up to six weeks.

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Osmocote Bloom

Osmocote Bloom is a specially designed controlled release fertilizer for bedding plants growing in small pots. It is designed to improve plant quality by providing maximum nutrition throughout the crop cycle, selling phase and early consumer stages.

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Osmocote Topdress

Osmocote Topdress is a coated fertilizer that has been specially developed for topdress applications in container nursery stock.

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OsmoTop is a partially coated fertilizer that has been specially developed for topdress applications in container nursery stock. It provides 2 – 3 month longevity and has a fast-start portion.

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Osmocote - Specials

These unique Osmocote fertilizers include fully coated iron for iron-demanding crops and a coated fertilizer that delivers calcium, magnesium and nitrogen in one product.

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