Vitalnova Nursery

The ultimate biostimulant range for ornamentals

The Vitalnova Nursery Range consists of three products

  • Vitalnova TriBoost - A growing media incorporated biostimulant which boosts plant health

  • Vitalnova Prime - A blend of natural ingredients, derived from yeast cell walls, designed to fortify the plant

  • Vitalnova Guardian - A foliar biostimulant which fortifies the leaf and increases it resistance against stresses


There is no doubt that for the horticultural industry to become more resilient and sustainable growers need to adopt a range of biological products including plant biostimulants. Stimulating natural processes, quality biostimulant products have been scientifically proven to enhance nutrient uptake and efficiency, tolerance to abiotic stress as well as crop quality. These products have an important role to play in modern horticultural production.

Healthy well-nourished plants grow and yield well and have a much high disease-resistance threshold. Unlike synthetic agrochemicals, biostimulants are not silver bullets. In the early days of biostimulants, guidance for use was sometimes rudimentary and resulting efficacy could be erratic.

Fast forward several decades and ICL is working with companies leading this field, to bring your proven products supported by in-depth technical backup.

Benefits to using biostimulants

1.Helping combat environmental stresses Biostimulants can promote enhanced germination and root development, leading to increased vigour and greater stress resistance. An enhanced root system promotes more efficient nutrient and water

uptake and translocation throughout the growing season.

2.Boosting plant health and quality

Promoting growth and improving plant metabolism

can benefit overall plant growth and health. In addition, providing a catalyst at specific developmental stages can lead to improved uniformity and overall plant quality.

3.Encouraging plant growth

Biostimulants generally operate through different mechanisms compared to standard fertilizers, providing essential nutrients for plant metabolism that stimulate growth. Upregulating gene expression can have an effect on cell division and sizing, root and shoot growth, and reproductive development and timing.

Vitalnova TriBoost


Vitalnova TriBoost is the new microbial inoculant which consists of enzymes three beneficial live cultures; Bacillus subtilis, Enterococcus faecium and Lactobaillus plantarum. Each microbial strain has been selected for their beneficial properties with regards to soil health.

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Vitalnova Prime


ICL is delighted to present the new biostimulant product Vitalnova Prime to market. Vitalnova Prime is derived from yeast (saccharomyces cerevisiae). Yeast cell walls are rich in amino acids and peptides which are known to act as natural elicitors within the plant, stimulating the plants natural defences against environmental stresses (otherwise known as abiotic stress).

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Vitalnova Guardian


Vitalnova Guardian is part of ICL’s biological plant health range which includes products formulated to nutritionally support plants’ inherent defences, including fertilisers, plant activator and microbial inoculants. Providing unique, natural solutions that improve plant health and resiliency throughout the growing season.

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