Slow release fertilizers

Slow release fertilizers

ICL Specialty Fertilizers’ slow release fertilizers deliver proven high-quality performance. Our slow release fertilizers are based on the principle of nitrogen chains breaking down gradually over time.
Nitrogen components break down slowly through temperature, water and microbe activity in the growing medium before they are available for plant uptake. And only after this has occurred are all the other nutritional components made available as nutrition. This creates a slow release of the fertilizer.

Osmoform High N

High N


Osmoform High N is a slow release fertilizer. The working principle is not based on a coating around the granules like with Osmocote, but on long nitrogen chains breaking down slowly. This process is influenced by temperature, microbiological activity and humidity.

Osmoform High N contains purely nitrogen. The nitrogen composition is balanced to have quick plant reaction after application and a long lasting effect afterwards.

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