Cold tolerance vine weevil nematode strengthens our portfolio

28 August 2019
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Cold tolerance vine weevil nematode to strengthens our portfolio

ICL has further strengthened its programmed approach for controlling Black Vine Weevil with the launch of a Cold Tolerance beneficial nematode product – Vine Weevil Seeka CT − at the Four Oaks Trade Show next week.

Effective down to soil/substrate temperatures of 5°C, Vine Weevil Seeka CT contains Steinernema kraussei beneficial nematodes and supplements ICL’s existing conventional chemical pesticides and beneficial nematode range. This new biological product is recommended for use in soil or container-grown crops when soil/substrate temperatures are between 5°C - 30°C for at least two weeks after application.

Vine Weevil Seeka CT is a very useful addition to our programmed IPM approach to vine weevil control, explains ICL’s marketing manager Adam Ferjani. “Our one-stop-shop for controlling this challenging pest now features advice on cultural controls, a choice of beneficial nematode products − depending on the temperature − as well as compatible chemical controls such as Exemptor.”

Temperature is critical to success with beneficial nematode controls. Customers entering in to a contract with ICL have access to meaningful soil temperature data year round, provided by a network of temperature loggers on UK nurseries.

“With access to robust, real time temperature data, and supported by our nationwide team of experienced technical area sales managers, growers can optimise control programmes, including knowing when it is safe to switch from Vine Weevil Seeka CT, to the more economical Vine Weevil Seeka − which contains Heterorhabditis bacteriophora nematodes,” explains Adam.

“As part of ICL’s service, our technical team is on hand to advise growers how to optimise beneficial nematode performance in regard to application, temperature requirements and even storage. We are also producing a series of short videos to assist production staff. ICL’s one-stop-shop for vine weevil control offers a 52 week programmed approach covering the whole growing season.”

To maximise the effectiveness of Seeka products, ICL’s Transporter is a superior blend of surfactants that optimises water, and hence nematode, distribution in the growing media. Rigorously tested, Transporter is guaranteed to be compatible with beneficial nematode species.


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