Course gets better and better

21 October 2015
  • Whastsapp

Dale Robertson, course manager at Newmachar Golf Club, has claimed that he has no reason to make any changes to his turf maintenance programme; thanks to the inclusion of ICL products.

Located on the outskirts of Aberdeen, Newmachar Golf Club is home to two magnificent eighteen hole golf courses. The Hawkshill course is regarded as one of the toughest tests of golf in the area and has already hosted major championships including the PGA Europro tour/Paul Lawrie foundation Granite City Classic, the Scottish Professional Championship and the Scottish Seniors Open. The Swailend course, which is slightly less demanding, is nevertheless an excellent test for golfers of all standards.

Dale has been attending to the two courses for an impressive twenty six years and for the entirety of this time he has used the exact same two ICL products.

“I have been using the Greenmaster Pro-Lite Invigorator 4-0-8 and Autumn 6-5-10 from the very start and have just stuck with it. It’s always been good fertilizer; the courses have just been getting better and better so there is no reason to change.

“The Greenmaster Invigorator just keeps things ticking over right through the year and you don’t get a big flush of grass growth. It’s steady all the time and I can’t praise it enough. The Greenmaster Autumn is great for the tail end of the season – I mainly use it to harden up the greens a bit going into the winter,” he said.

As Dale says, Greenmaster Pro-Lite Invigorator has been designed to optimise turf health throughout the year. The micro-granule technology applied to this formulation allows consistent distribution, even at low rates of application. Consisting of high quality ingredients to provide reliable release patterns, Greenmaster also contains zeolite which improves performance and longevity.

Greenmaster Pro-Lite Autumn 6-5-10 is the ideal first granular fertilizer application of the season or to apply in autumn. Its low nitrogen and high potassium content helps to harden turf and improve the overall health and appearance of fine turf. As an added bonus, it also works to control moss, whilst strengthening the sward to overcome any mechanical damage.

A few years ago Dale decided to add another Everris fertilizer to his collection in the form of SierrablenPlus. SierrablenPlus is a range of premium technology controlled release fertilizers containing Poly-S and resin-coated PACE technology with conventional nitrogen sources to provide the best long-term nutrient release patterns. Dale uses the 24-5-13 Spring Starter formulation on his fairways and has been impressed with the results.

“Originally I was using a different company for the fairways but I had heard good things about the SierrablenPlus so I tried it out and have been using it ever since. Again - it’s a great fertilizer and it keeps them healthy right through.

“I also used SierraformGT K-Step fertilizer from ICL last year and I’ll certainly be using that again. In fact most of our budget goes onto Everris products now.”

While the majority of Dale’s budget may be spent on ICL products, the products are renowned for their longevity, which actually prove to be far more cost-effective.

Dale also makes the most of the Turf Rewards scheme, which enables all users of ICL and Syngenta products to earn points from purchases which they can then convert into a range of valuable items.

“Turf Rewards is a fantastic benefit to golf clubs like us. I have already used Turf Rewards for work wear vouchers and I am aiming for a fertiliser spreader this year.

“I’m very happy with everything I receive from ICL. I’m getting good results and if everyone is happy then there’s absolutely no reason to change.”