ICL expand Solinure fertiliser range

25 May 2022
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ICL has launched three new NPK formulations of Solinure, a product with increased trace elements to optimise yields.

The new NPK analysis is ideal for soil-based fertiliser applications for fruit and vegetables, with ideal longevity for medium-late crop cycles of potatoes and other soil grown, field crops.

Solinure is known for its purity, using only the cleanest raw materials on the market. Growers can depend upon a quality, hassle-free product, to keep drippers clean and deliver a positive crop response.

All the trace elements are 100% EDTA chelated to ensure they are available for plant update, especially under difficult soil conditions. This makes Solinure particularly useful for crop production over the winter months.

“I highly recommend Solinure because I know it won’t let my customers down” ICL Andrew Judd explains. “Blocked drippers become a thing of the past and the product continues to deliver strong results for growers, year after year.”

NEW Solinure Range:

Product Name


Solinure 1 High K


Solinure 3 Extra K


Solinure 4 No Urea


Solinure 5 General Purpose


Solinure 7 High N


Solinure 9 High P


Now available to order:


NEW - Solinure Red


NEW - Solinure White


NEW - Solinure Blue



Download a full product sheet here.

Speak to your agronomist or ICL representative about incorporating Solinure into your fertigation programme. For further information, please contact ICL on 01473 237100 or visit www.icl-sf.co.uk

ICL continue to develop and grow their speciality ranges, adding to a varied portfolio of products serving the needs of the agriculture sector. A commitment to investing in research and development has ensured that the company continues to bring to market the most innovative products year on year.

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