iTurf - Integrated Turf Management

30 August 2016
  • Whastsapp

Cost-effective, precise, safe and sustainable. Integrated turf management focuses on achieving top quality sports surfaces using the best products in the most efficient and responsible way.

ICL champions integrated turf management, through a unique programme known as iTurf. A holistic approach to turf practices and treatments, with the use of innovative and research led nutrition at its core. The iTurf approach maps out effective solutions for establishing and maintaining healthy and resilient turf, meeting environmental responsibilities and complying with ever more stringent rules and regulations for chemical application.

Extensive trials carried out at STRI have shown that using focused nutritional inputs and fungicide applications in combination can bring synergies that provide vastly improved
levels of turf health and disease suppression. Trials carried out included all five of the following diseases – Microdochium, Anthracnose, Take-all patch, Leaf spot and Red thread.

ICL is among the world’s leading manufacturers of fertilizers, wetting agents and seeds used in professional turf, horticulture and specialist agriculture. We continue to bring innovation to the market through an extensive R&D programme, developing and testing products in many different soil and climatic conditions in partnership with research institutes worldwide. 

Meeting the rigorous demands of the turf industry, our unique, cutting edge technologies deliver nutrient precisely, safely and cost-effectively to deliver outstanding sports surfaces that are healthy, resilient and look good.

For information on iTurf please contact us or your local Area Sales Manager.