Podcast - Growing media and making peat-free work

24 November 2021
  • Whastsapp

Raw materials

Having outlined the three key raw materials used in sustainable growing media – coir, Fibagro Advance and bark – Sam shifts the focus to irrigation and nutrient management challenges.  He explains how these can be overcome using ICL’s innovative new water management (H2Gro) and slow and controlled release base fertilizers (Osmoform High N and Osmocote N) technologies. 

Moving on to the pH issues often associated with sustainable growing media ingredients, he explains how specialist Osmocote, Peters and Universol products have been designed to address these challenges helping to optimise plant quality.  

Bespoke sustainable mixes

Sam finishes by explaining when designing sustainable growing media mixes to optimise plant quality, it is important to take in to account individual nursery requirements - including plant species, pot size, irrigation water source and current growing practices.

With demand for sustainable growing media options rocketing, he urges growers to embrace these changes and get to grips with new peat-reduced/free growing media - starting with a nursery trial.

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