Primo Maxx II Recall and Replace scheme

20 December 2021
  • Whastsapp

Syngenta has announced that stocks of Primo Maxx II currently on the market are out of specification from the approved manufacturing label formulation. The company has issued a full product recall and replace notification, to be operated by ICL

Anyone with existing stocks of Primo Maxx II must cease any further use or transport of the product with immediate effect. Bottles must be relabelled as ‘flammable material’ and stored accordingly, to await collection and removal by the scheme’s registered waste contractor.

A dedicated ICL website has been created to register all unused Primo Maxx II into the recall and replace scheme, including any full or part-used bottles. All product reported into the scheme will replaced with new compliant stocks of Primo Maxx II.

Syngenta and ICL will endeavour to replace all product that has been registered for replacement by the end of 2021, with new stock delivered by 1 March 2022, ready for the spring PGR application season.

Register Primo Maxx II product for recall and replacement here:

Full details of the relabelling and storage requirements are available through a dedicated Primo Maxx II Resource Centre on the website.

The company has reiterated that the out-of-specification co-formulant used in the formulation of the affected product presents no concern for environmental safety and, when used according to the product label, no human safety concern. In all trials and user experience the efficacy of the product has been to the high level expected and with no turf safety concerns identified. No other Syngenta products are affected by this issue.

If customers have any further questions, they can email:  [email protected] or contact their local ICL representative.