Qualibra - new pack and recommendations

24 March 2016
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New packaging and new recommendations for Qualibra now makes the leading innovative wetting agent more affordable and fully justifiable for fairway and large scale sports turf treatments.

This season Qualibra is now available in a 500 litre IBC, offering a great value option for bulk purchase to treat larger areas; the existing 10 litre S-pac bottles and 200 litre drums are still available. The IBC is quick, easy to use and extremely cost effective.

The new 500 litre pack size is worth 65 Turf Rewards pointsClick here for more information on this seasons Qualibra offer.

Syngenta Business Manager, Daniel Lightfoot, highlighted that the benefits that Qualibra delivers in improving surface playability on greens and optimising water use efficiency was equally applicable for fairway management.

"The unique action of moving water down from the surface, but holding soil moisture evenly in the root zone has made a step change in managing turf health, dry patch and surface consistency," he reported. "On fairways there is immense potential to keep turf green and hugely improve playability, especially during dry periods.

"Where clubs are fortunate enough to have fairway irrigation, the Qualibra programme will achieve the more efficient use of the important resources, which could save significant costs and ensure sufficient water remains available for use across the course each season. Qualibra is outstanding in terms of improving consistency of fairway appearance, carry and ball lie."

Daniel also advocated new recommendations for Qualibra use on fairways that will make it more cost effective than ever. "Extensive trials and user experience has demonstrated that, on fairways, an initial application at the full rate of 20 l/ha can be successfully followed by two applications at a reduced rate of 15 l/ha for season long results.

"It will ensure real benefits to fairway playability and consistency, but at lower overall use, compared to greens with a full programme to optimise turf quality and playing surface performance," he reported.

The new recommendations could also prove highly beneficial for large scale sports turf applications, believed Daniel.

The combination of a great value offer with new IBC bulk containers and the new recommendations for season-long fairway programmes makes the use of Qualibra more effective than ever for enhancing turf quality and playability around the course, says Daniel Lightfoot.

"Qualibra really adds a new dimension in the drive to really enhance fairway quality," he says. "The increasing use of Primo Maxx and advanced ICL nutrition in the great value Ultimate Fairway Offer has already made a significant step forward. Adding Qualibra into the fairway management programme can make the best use of the other elements too."

Furthermore, Qualibra also qualifies for Turf Reward points, so greenkeepers can get extra back on their investment - including turf management tools, CPD education or new technologies.

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