Roundup ProBio renamed Roundup ProActive

30 March 2016
  • Whastsapp

In Spring 2016 Roundup ProBio will be renamed Roundup ProActive to better reflect the performance characteristics of this highly effective 360g/ai glyphosate brand. There is no change to the product itself nor the label but a new MAPP number will come with the new name. 

Highly effective in challenging conditions, Roundup ProActive makes the best use of application windows for greater efficiencies in both time and costs. Being rainfast in one hour for annual weeds and four hours for perennials, ensures that the maximum amount of glyphosate gets to the roots and run-off is minimized.

Roundup ProActive also offers enhanced stewardship features including the latest low drift properties at a time when safety and compliance with legislation is paramount for public authorities and contractors.

Roundup ProActive is also safe for transport, handling and storage due to its non-hazardous status as defined by COSHH. The new MAPP no is 17380.

More information on Roundup ProActive.