Step change as Under 40s head to South Africa

15 February 2016
  • Whastsapp

ICL is delighted to be a sponsor of the Under 40s Fruit Growers networking group that recently announced it is heading off to warmer climes in February 2017.  

The group, which in 2017 celebrates its 50th year, is planning its most ambitious trip yet to the Southern Cape.  Current chairman of the organizing committee Charlie Dunn, of Chandler Dunn in Kent, hopes the trip will mark a step change in the way the organisation operates.

“Like all industries, UK fruit and vine growers can learn from and be inspired by growers elsewhere in the world,” says ICL’s Scott Garnett.  “Trips like this to visit top and soft fruit nurseries and vineyards in the Southern Cape will help inspire the next generation of UK producers, researchers and technologists.  ICL is delighted to be supporting this trip.”