The Future of Vine Weevil Control from ICL Professional Horticulture

14 May 2020
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With the unfortunate loss of Exemptor in 2021, growers will be wondering how to effectively protect their crops from this prevalent pest. ICL Professional Horticulture have been working towards providing answers for growers to protect and inform them on the types of biological controls now available and how to work them into an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programme which will provide the optimum results.

In order to provide this information, ICL have provided three informative pre-recorded webinars which concentrated on the products available and the effective application of them throughout the growing season.

Titled the ‘Future of Vine Weevil Control’ ICL’s Technical Manager Andrew Wilson and Sales Development Manager Martin Donnelly will be your guides through this very important subject. 


Webinar 1                                           Pitcher the New Biorational

Host                                                    Martin Donnelly

Pitcher is the new biorational pesticide for the suppression of Black Vine Weevil eggs and early stage instar larvae. It is approved through an Extension of Authorisation for Minor Use (EAMU) in containerised ornamental plants, both protected and outdoors.



Full presentation here




Webinar 2                                           Seeka – the nematode range from ICL

Host                                                    Andrew Wilson

Seeka is a range of beneficial nematodes, powered by BASF technology, which helps ornamental growers reduce the risk of damage from pests which feed on their plants. Targeting specific pests such as vine weevil, ICL’s Seeka looks to supplement our portfolio providing growers with a one-stop-shop for all their plant protection needs when it comes to these pests.



Full presentation here 


Webinar 3                                           IPM Planning and application

Host                                                    Martin Donnelly & Andrew Wilson

Andrew Wilson and Martin Donnelly combine the new ICL products into a coherent IPM programme and discuss the important factors which are needed to make sure that these controls are optimised when applied.


Full presentation here 




Martin Donnelley and Andrew Wilson have taken some time out to answer your questions, you can view the answers here>>>

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