Two new ICL foliar fertilizers target ca deficiency and stress

1 December 2015
  • Whastsapp

ICL have launched a highly cost effective and superior foliar calcium fertilizer – Agroleaf Calcium+ and a balanced nutrient and plant stimulant providing stress relief – Agroleaf Total+. Both were officially launced at Fruit focus this year but will be pushed through to market throughout 2016. 

“Calcium (ca) is an essential plant nutrient with deficiency leading to conditions including blossom end rot, tipburn, bitter pit in apples as well as localized tissue necrosis resulting in stunted plant growth and even death of terminal buds and root tips,” warns Scott Garnett, ICL specialty agriculture manager for UK and Ireland. 

“Calcium+ contains a blend of Ca combined with amino acids, plant sugars and an industry leading surfactant - all helping to facilitate absorption through the leaf epidermis.” 

Highly effective natural chelating agents, amino acids are essential building blocks of all living matter and in plants play a key role in photosynthesis.  Calcium+ is fortified with four amino acids - glycine, glutamine acid, mono sodium glutamate and L-Arginine – which all enhance Ca uptake.

The plant sugar, dextrose monohydrate, is an immediately available plant food source, while the non-ionic surfactant − with excellent spreading and wetting properties − further improves the speed of Ca uptake and coverage on the leaf surface. 

“Ensuring crops are not suffering from Ca deficiency at key growth stages has an impact not only on yield and quality, but on the shelf life of fresh produce,” says Scott.

Also new to the ICL range is Agroleaf Total+ - a balanced nutrient and plant biostimulant formulated to provide targeted stress relief, just when plants need it most.

 “During periods of stress, caused by both environmental factors and pesticide application, Total+ provides plants with NPK along with chelated zinc and manganese and a seaweed extract biostimulant,” explains Scott.  “Total+ acts as a safener for pesticide application to help prevent negative effects on the plant during a period where it is already under stress for disease pressure.”  

“Containing a triple seven formulation - 7% N, 7% P and 7% K - Total+ is formulated with a citric acid based delivery system to aid penetration of foliar applied products – such as other nutritional products   Highly versatile, Total+ can be applied as a foliar nutrient on its own, or with other foliar sprays including pesticides.  Containing concentrated cold water extracted seaweed, it ensures high levels of plant biostimulation.”