Autumn Bedding

Osmocote Exact Standard High K


Osmocote Exact, the 3rd generation of controlled release fertilizers, combines safety, consistency and patterned release. Different plants have different nutritional requirements and therefore need coated fertilizers that do not only guarantee longevity but also release pattern. Osmocote Exact closely follows plant growth, making the product not only very efficient but also very safe to use.

Note: Osmocote Exact Standard High K products will be replaced by the new Osmocote Exact High K products from April 2016.

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Peters Professional Grow-Mix


Peters Professional Grow-Mix contains NPK with relatively low levels of phosphate. A well-balanced N:K ratio makes this product suitable for growth stimulation. A large proportion of the nitrogen part consists of urea, making this product perfect for the cultivation of orchids. Peters Professional Grow-Mix can also be used for other crops.

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Universol Blue


Universol Blue is a balanced formula to follow up on Universol Yellow. This product contains NPK, Mg and a full package of trace elements. This balanced formula generates vegetative growth / length development of plants.

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Peters Professional Plant Finisher


Peters Professional Plant Finisher is specially designed to give the right nourishment to plants in the final stage of propagation. It contains modified lower phosphate levels and high levels of potassium for compact, controlled growth. Peters Professional Plant Finisher contains extra iron for an optimum leaf color.

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Universol Violet


Universol Violet has high potassium content which provides compact and strong growth, good leaf color and good flower development. This product contains NPK, Mg and a full package of trace elements.

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