Water Management



Utilising advanced polymer and surfactant technology, the range of H2Pro specialist wetting agents have been carefully formulated and tested to help you achieve better control of your moisture management. Supported by research, backed by end-user testimonials the range have been designed to achieve specific goals each with a different mode of action.

H2Pro Granule

H2Pro Granule is a granular wetting agent, ideal for spot treatments and use on bowling greens. The granular formulation is easy to apply across wide or localised areas to improve water management and for the treatment of localised dry patch.

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H2Pro Tablet

H2Pro Tablet is a hose-end applied wetting agent for effective hand watering. H2Pro tablet is especially effective for the treatment of localised dry spot and for helping overall irrigation requirement.

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H2Gro Liquid

H2Gro is a unique blend of surfactants based on 3D technology with a multi-matrix effect. It is a unique wetting agent based on a water conservation agent that holds the maximum amount of water to the previously water repellent materials and to other materials in the growing media.

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