Peters Professional Plant Finisher


Peters Professional Plant Finisher is specially designed to give the right nourishment to plants in the final stage of propagation. It contains modified lower phosphate levels and high levels of potassium for compact, controlled growth. Peters Professional Plant Finisher contains extra iron for an optimum leaf color.

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Universol Violet


Universol Violet has high potassium content which provides compact and strong growth, good leaf color and good flower development. This product contains NPK, Mg and a full package of trace elements.

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Exemptor ® Exemptor ®

Exemptor ® (Thiacloprid) is the only contact and systemic insecticide for the control of black vine weevil (Otiorhynchus sulcatus) and other major soil and foliar pests in container-grown ornamentals - both under protection and outside. Exemptor is also available for us in peat and non-peat based growing media. 

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