Turf Protection

When it comes to managing landscape areas, ICL's range of plant protection and control provides the majority of the tools you'll need in your armoury. 

Powerful, fast-acting herbicides teamed with proven, effective solutions for turfgrass pests and the leading range of fungicides providing preventative, curative and eradicant action, all ensure you stay in control. 

Plant Growth Regulator

Grass growth regulators are an important tool for Turf Managers and can be used for the improvement of playing surfaces and reduction of management intensity.

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A range of high performance fungicides that deliver outstanding levels of disease control with exceptional long-term results.

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Insect Pest Control

Pests like Leatherjackets, Chafer grubs and other insects will cause damage to turf. ICL provides controlled solutions for greenkeepers, municipalities, etc.

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