Tomato is a high potassium and calcium requiring crop. Potassium is removed at a rate ~80% higher than nitrogen. Calcium deficiency inevitably produces "blossom-end rot" of the fruit. Tomatoes are rather resistant to salinity, and cherry-tomatoes even develop a sweeter taste when grown under moderate salinity. Tomato is a warm-season vegetable crop that is sensitive to frost and is killed by freezing temperatures. Growth requires temperatures at 10-30 °C, and the plant does not set fruit when night temperatures are consistently below 10 0C, and will not develop properly when temperatures exceed 350C. Tomatoes can have either a determinate or indeterminate growth habit. It can grow successfully under open field conditions, as well as in greenhouses. Best tomato mineral nutrition regime includes the use of CRFs in open fields, fertigation with fully-soluble fertilizers and foliar feeding.


Nova PeaK Nova PeaK


Nova PeaK 0-52-34, monopotassium phosphate, is produced by ICL Specialty Fertilizers, the largest manufacturer of MKP worldwide.

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Nova MAP Nova MAP


Nova MAP 12-61-0, monoammonium phosphate is ideal for use in the initial growth phase of all crops, immediately before and after seeding and planting/transplanting.

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Nova Ferti-K Nova Ferti-K


Nova Ferti-K 0-0-61 is the ideal product for Chloride tolerant crops. It is the richest Potassium fertilizer though the least expensive one.

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Nova PeKacid Nova PeKacid


Nova PeKacid 0-60-20 is ICL SF’ patented water-soluble PK fertilizer which is ideal for open-field and soilless crops. The product can be used in both hard-water conditions and calcareous soils.

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Agroleaf Liquid Calcium+


An innovative liquid fertilizer fortified with three technologies to boost absorption to help avoid Ca deficiences in fruit and vegetable crops.

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H2Flo’s blend of soil surfactants work to reduce the surface tension of irrigation water allowing both vertical and lateral movement of water. This allows growers to maximise the efficacy of irrigation, reduce water rates and improve yields.

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Micromax Fe

6% Fe

MicroMax WS Iron is a premium fully water-soluble fertilizer, consisting of EDDHA-chelated iron plus X3, a specific biostimulant that enhances the absorption of the Fe-chelate compound into plant leaves resulting in optimum uptake by a large variety of crops.

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Prestop - General Crops Prestop - General Crops

Prestop contains mycelia and spores of Gliocladium catenulatum Strain J1446, a naturally occuring soil fungus, which is capable of providing a number of very useful disease control benefits to a wide range of cropping situations.


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