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For temperature of below 12°C ask your ICL Technical Area Sales manager about cold temperature nematodes available through ICL.

Pitcher GR

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How Does it Work

The active ingredient in Pitcher is garlic extract. Contained within the active ingredient are a unique range of Diallyl polysulfides (DAS). It is these compounds that provide the lethal biochemistry.

  • When a Vine Weevil egg or early stage instar encounters Diallyl polysulfide (DAS) molecules they penetrate through the skin
  • Rate of passage through the cuticle is dependent on sulphur chain length
  • Once the DAS dissolve through the cuticle of the organism the lethal biochemistry starts
  • This leads to a cascade chain reaction within the organism which it can't regulate causing it to die due to overwhelming oxidative stress
  • Rate of passage through the cuticle is dependent on sulphur chain length
  • The action of DAS is initiated following a reaction with intracellular low molecular weight thiols (LMT's) and protein thiols in the organism
  • The oxidative stress affects many cellular processes so it is very unlikely that resistance could ever evolve to the chemistry
Important information
  • A minimum period of six weeks should be observed after initial application before any subsequent treatments of Pitcher or beneficial parasitic nematodes can be applied
  • Pitcher is not affected by temperature fluctuations unlike some other biological products.
  • Pitcher must be used as part of a integrated pest management regime, please talk to your Technical Area Sales Manager or Distributor Representative for further information
Vine Weevil Life Cycle

Application & Rates of Use

Pitcher is a granular biorational insecticide which is applied as a topdress over containerised ornamentals. Application can be via gloved hand (not a preferred method of application) or a suitable handheld application device.

Rates of use

  • Maximum individual dose = 240kg per Ha per season
  • This converts to 24g per m2
  • Based on trials data two applications at 120kg per Ha provides meaningful suppression of vine weevil eggs (reference Fig 1).
    This converts to 12g per m2 for a single application
  • Application timing is critical in order to affect eggs and young instars while they are near the surface of the container. Always water in following application in order to activate the granules
Pitcher Brochure

Pitcher is the new biorational pesticide for the suppression of Black Vine Weevil eggs and early stage instar larvae. It is approved through an Extension of Authorisation for Minor Use (EAMU) in containerised ornamental plants, both protected and outdoors

Suggested period of use

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