4 - 6 weeks

Pack size

1 Litre

Recommended treatment frequency

Every 7-14 days

Vitalnova Prime

Natural Protection

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Features and Benefits
  • Systemic action with Foliar and root uptake
  • The natural elicitor activates plants defences for increased plant health throughout the season
  • Leaves no synthetic chemical residues
  • Integrates with disease management programmes (IDM)
  • Healthier plants are more able to resist stress
  • Suitable for organic growing
  • Can be used in conjunction with Vitalnova Guardian
  • Can be used for all crop types (edible and non edible)
Directions for use

 Directions for use including small area conversion

  • Foliar application of Vitalnova Prime is applied at 1L per Ha every 10-15 days or 0.5L per Ha every 7 days
  • For the 1L / hectare rate: Mix 1ml of Prime in 1L of water and apply at 50-100ml of dilute product per m2 every 10-15 days
  • For the 0.5L / hectare rate: Mix 0.5ml of prime in 1L of water and apply at 50 -100ml of dilute product per m2 every 7 days. Depending on crop height and canopy, Increase the water volume to achieve good coverage where needed
  • For fertigation mix 1L of prime per Ha in 1,000L of water or 0.1ml per 1L of water
  • Regular applications help build up the plant’s natural defences. Apply at least 5 times over the life of the crop
  • Product performs best if used within 24 months of the date of manufacture
  • Half fill the tank with water before adding the required amount of Vitalnova Prime stir the solution during mixing and during spraying operations
  • If mixing this product with other plant protection products, it is advisable to check the physical compatibility prior to mixing in the tank

ICL is delighted to present the new biostimulant product Vitalnova Prime to market. Vitalnova Prime is derived from yeast (saccharomyces cerevisiae). Yeast cell walls are rich in amino acids and peptides which are known to act as natural elicitors within the plant, stimulating the plants natural defences against environmental stresses (otherwise known as abiotic stress).

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