Rates of use

Mix 500g per 1m3 of growing media.

Total amount of microbes

3,75 x 108 UFCg

Vitalnova TriBoost

A growing media incorporated biostimulant which boosts plant health

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Benefits of microbes

Robust communities of beneficial soil microbes are essential to soil productivity, substantially reducing or eliminating viable pathogens and weed seeds, rapidly breaking down plant residues, improving soil carbon and pH, and providing plants with available nutrients throughout the growing season. A diverse, healthy soil agribiome leads to improved plant vitality and increased yields.
Vitalnova TriBoost has live microbial strains and enzymes selected for their role in healthy soils

  • They break down organic molecules from substrate or organic fertilisers
  • Improving soil carbon and pH and promotes a healthy soil
  • Plants thrive in a balanced soil with a robust population of beneficial microbes
Guaranteed Analysis

Lactobacillus plantarum

Bacillus subtillis

Enterococcus faecium



Vitalnova TriBoost is the new microbial inoculant which consists of enzymes three beneficial live cultures; Bacillus subtilis, Enterococcus faecium and Lactobaillus plantarum. Each microbial strain has been selected for their beneficial properties with regards to soil health.