Product Reg No.

MAPP No. 17432

Pack size


Pack coverage


Maximum individual dose

1.2 L/ha

Maximum no of treatments

1 per year

 Esteron T

  • Description
  • Key points
  • Weeds controlled
  • Directions for use

Esteron T is an extremely effective selective turf herbicide containing the active ingredients florasulam and 2,4-D. Esteron T may be used for the control of weeds in sports and amenity turf as well as domestic lawns.

Esteron T controls a broad range of weeds including Dandelion, Daisy and White Clover. Esteron T is a low rate formulation (1.2 L/ha) that can be applied at low water volumes (100-400L/ha).

For best results it should be applied when weeds are in active growth, normally between March and October when the soil is moist.

Key points
  • New generation selective herbicide
  • Ultra-low dose rate
  • Low water rate
  • Rainfast in 1 hour
Weeds controlled
  • White Clover
  • Dandelion
  • Buttercup
  • Daisy
  • Greater Plantain
  • Sticky Mouse-ear
Directions for use
  • Apply when weeds are in active growth, normally between March and October when the soil is moist
  • Do not apply in periods of drought unless irrigation is applied
  • Do not spray when rain is imminent
  • Do not apply if night temperatures are low, if ground frost is imminent, or in periods of prolonged cold weather
  • Avoid mowing 3 days before and after spraying to ensure sufficient weed leaf surface is present and to allow uptake and movement of Esteron T within the weed
  • Clippings from grass treated with Esteron T can be safely used for mulch after the third cut
  • An interval of four weeks must elapse between application of Esteron T and re-seeding turf
  • Ensure newly sown amenity turf has become established before treating. Turf sown in the spring or summer may be ready for spraying after about two months, but turf sown in late summer or autumn should not be sprayed until growth is resumed in the following spring, perhaps eight months after sowing turf
  • Esteron T is of low volatility and is therefore not subject to vapour drift. Take extreme care to avoid drift onto non-target plants e.g. trees, shrubs, bedding outside the target area as this can cause severe damage

Esteron T is a low volume dual action selective herbicide for the control of broad-leaved weeds in managed amenity turf and domestic lawns

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