Improving precision with AngelaWeb 2.0

<p>ICL utilise Angelaweb to maximise plant quality at New Leaf Plants</p>

Greenmaster Pro-Lite Cold Start

<p>Get your greens off to a flyer.</p>

ICL Specialty Agriculture

<p style="text-align: left;">high quality specialised products.</p>


<p>TriSmart, AquaSmart & FlowSmart. New formulation specialist wetting agents. </p>

Levington Advance Bloom

<p>Make your crops bloom in 2017 with Levington Advance growing media powered by Osmocote.</p>

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Welcome to the ICL UK website.

Innovative solutions for grass, plants and crops to grow greener, stronger, healthier.

We offer a wide range of high quality fertilizers, plant protection products, growing media, wetting agents and biostimulants.

With our products and specialized team of experts we serve and support customers at golf courses, sports fields, public green, plant nurseries and farms. 

Professional Horticulture - for all your ornamental crop needs. 
Turf and Landscape - Innovative solutions for turf grass and amenity areas. 
Speciality Agriculture - High quality agricultural controlled release and water soluble fertilizers. 

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