Sweet pepper

Sweet pepper grows best on sandy-loamy soils. The crop is a heavy potassium-, and calcium feeder. Potassium is removed at a rate ~50% higher than nitrogen. Calcium deficiency inevitably produces "blossom-end rot" of the fruit. Best sweet peppers mineral nutrition regime includes the use of CRFs, fertigation with fully-soluble fertilizers and foliar feeding.

Select MKP


Select MKP is the high grade, white solid crystalline, fully soluble, free flowing phosphorus potassium fertigation fertilizer. The purity of the product allows both elements to be easily taken up. Select MKP has a low salt index which makes it the ideal phosphorus and potassium containing fertilizer for fertigation. Select MKP is, for pure fertigation purposes, exclusively sold via Everris in many countries.

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Select MAP


Select MAP 12-61-0 is a high grade, white crystalline, fully soluble, free flowing phosphorus fertigation fertilizer containing ammonium-nitrogen. Both elements can be easily and quickly taken up due to its complete and rapid solubility.

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Select KCl


Select KCl is the high grade, fully soluble, economical, free flowing potassium fertigation fertilizer that contains potassium. When applied in open field fertigation conditions Select KCl can replace potassium nitrate. This limits the accumulation of nitrates in the soil and creates great value for money for the user. Select KCl fertigated crops can benefit from the included chlorides when it comes to taste, shelf life and fruit firmness of the crop.

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Select PekAcid


Select PeKacid is the only solid, highly acidifying, dry mono-crystal, free flowing and water soluble fertigation fertilizer that contains both phosphorus and potassium.

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Agroleaf Liquid Calcium+

An innovative liquid fertilizer fortified with three technologies to boost absorption to help avoid Ca deficiences in fruit and vegetable crops.

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Agroleaf Liquid Total +

Total+ is a balanced nutrient and plant biostimulant. It has been formulated to provide the plant with targeted stress relief when the plant needs it most. 

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H2Flo H2Flo

H2Flo’s blend of soil surfactants work to reduce the surface tension of irrigation water allowing both vertical and lateral movement of water. This allows growers to maximise the efficacy of irrigation, reduce water rates and improve yields.

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MicroMax Fe Micromax Fe

6% Fe

MicroMax WS Iron is a premium fully water-soluble fertilizer, consisting of EDDHA-chelated iron plus X3, a specific biostimulant that enhances the absorption of the Fe-chelate compound into plant leaves resulting in optimum uptake by a large variety of crops.

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IntraCell IntraCell

IntraCell is based on a pure, very high concentration, natural osmoprotectant, which is produced via a patented extraction procedure. In addition to points mentioned already the product has the following major benefits to offer:-

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Cilus Plus Cilus Plus

Providing natural stimulation and enhancement for healthy growth, better yields and increased quality by improving soil microbiology.

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