Osmocote® Controlled Release Fertilizer

Success is in the Bag

First introduced in 1958, Osmocote is the original controlled release fertilizer. Since then, it has continuously evolved and improved as new research and technologies became available. Today, Osmocote is the most widely-used coated release fertilizer in the world with a diverse product range known and trusted by professional growers worldwide.


Osmocote Plus

Delivers a steady source of nutrition throughout the growth cycle—recommended for general purpose use and short-term propagation. Ideal as a base feed when combined with a liquid fertilizer program.

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Osmocote Plus Hi-Start®

For plants requiring more nutrients early in the growth cycle. Hi-Start, with Patterned Release Technology, is recommended for use with fast growing, spring crops and plants that start with a push of early-season growth.

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Osmocote Plus Lo-Start®

Lo-Start® products deliver an extra boost of nutrition in the second half of the growth cycle—recommended for long-term propagation, fall plantings and overwintering.

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Osmocote Blends – Resin

Resin-coated, NPK cores blended with essential nutrient granules and Micromax micronutrients. Ideal for a wide range of applications including greenhouse, nursery, foliage and landscapes.

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Osmocote Blends – Fusion

Nothing is more frustrating than having topdress fertilizer spill out of the container when plants tip over. Fusion technology keeps the cores in place, minimizing the need to reapply. Great for tall container plants susceptible to being blown over in high winds.

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Osmocote Blends – E-Max

For outdoor production of nursery stock, foliage and landscapes. These versatile blends contain coated urea nitrogen, uncoated granular micronutrients and Osmocote’s exclusive E-Max Nutrient Release Technology.

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Osmocote Blends – Poly-S

Boosting the levels of nitrogen and potash in our resin coated NPK results in lower use rates and lots of of economical choices. All Poly-S blends include the STEP Hi-Mag micronutrient package.

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Osmocote Blends – IBDU

Provides early-season nitrogen with STEP Hi-Mag micronutrients to areas with cool spring media temperatures. For use on nursery stock, foliage, and landscape plants.

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Nutrient Release Technologies

ICL Specialty Fertilizers leads the industry in advanced and consistent Release Technologies that put the right amount of nutrients in place at just the right time.

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