Osmocote Controlled Release Fertilizer

Success is in the Bag

The original controlled release fertilizer, Osmocote packs an abundance of technology into a resin-coated nutrient core that precisely delivers vital nutrition spanning the growing cycle of the plant. Since 1966, it has been continuously trialed, refined and improved as new research and technologies became available. Today, it's the most technically advanced and widely-used controlled release fertilizer in the world, with a diverse product range known and trusted by professional growers worldwide.



Consisting of resin coated nutrient cores of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (NPK), this is the first generation Controlled Release Fertilizer that revolutionized the horticulture industry.

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Osmocote Plus

Premium, all-in-one mix of NPK plus essential micronutrients in a dependable time-release core. Available in three release patterns, it's the best choice for soilless growing media.

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Osmocote Blend

Unique blends of Osmocote and specialized nutrients that meet the most exacting requirements. Longevities ranging from 3 to 16 months are available.

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