Osmocote Blend


Osmocote Blends incorporate unique technologies and nutrient mixes for specialized applications.


Osmocote Blend, Resin

Resin-coated NPK cores blended with nutrients and micronutrients. Can be used alone or in conjunction with water-soluble fertilizer. Well suited for a wide range of applications including greenhouse, nursery, foliage and landscapes.

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Osmocote Blend, Fusion

Nothing is more frustrating than having topdress fertilizer spill out of the container when plants tip over. Fusion technology keeps the nutrient granules in place, eliminating the need to reapply. Great for top-heavy container plants susceptible to being blown over in high winds.

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Osmocote Blend, E-Max

For outdoor production of nursery stock, foliage and landscapes. Advanced E-Max technology utilizes moisture and temperature to regulate nutrient release for optimal efficiency. These versatile blends also contain urea nitrogen and specialized micronutrient packages.

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Osmocote Blend, Poly-S

Poly-S coating technology consists of nutrient-packed fertilizer cores with sulfur and polymer coatings regulated by microbial diffusion, not temperature. When activated, nutrition is delivered at a constant and balanced rate regardless of climate or temperature swings.

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Osmocote Blend, IBDU

Suited for areas with cool spring temperatures. Ideal for use on nursery stock, foliage, and landscape plants. Contains water-activated IBDU urea and essential micronutrients.

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Nutrient Release Technologies

ICL Specialty Fertilizers sets the industry standard for accurate and consistent Release Technologies that put the right amount of nutrients in place at just the right time.

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