Peters Water-Soluble Fertilizer

The clear choice

The world standard in water-soluble fertilizer for the ornamental horticulture market, Peter’s superior nutrient uptake brings robust growth, consistent quality and breathtaking color. Using the finest ingredients results in clean formulations and total solubility. This purity of product effectively eliminates precipitate build-up and clogged emitters.

The M-77 chelating formula, exclusive to Peters, ensures that nutrients and trace elements remain readily available for fast and easy uptake. M-77 essentially “unlocks” the rooting area, allowing an effective increase in the absorption of nutrients.

A wide variety of specialized product options allow growers to customize nutritional programs to their needs.


Peters Professional

Suitable for all water types, versatile Professional line is comprised of 13 products, each formulated for a specific nutritional program.

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Peters Excel

Excel products are one-bag solutions specially formulated to counter high alkalinity in irrigation water. Highly compatible formulas contain patented M-77 technology, for maximum absorbency of nutrients and trace elements.

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Peters Excel pHLow

With twice the active acidity of regular Peters Excel, pHLow utilizes bicarbonate-neutralizing technology to improve water quality in extreme hard water conditions. Single-tank compatibility saves time, labor, and material costs.

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