Peters Excel


Made from the highest-quality ingredients, Excel products are one-bag solutions that deliver distinctive results and a clean irrigation system. Highly compatible Peters Excel products contain M-77 technology, for maximum absorbability of nutrients and trace elements.


15-2-20 Pansy


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A one bag solution with a patented technology to counter high alkalinity in irrigation water. Formulated for compact growth and bright blossoms on pansy, salvia, vinca, etc. with high nitrate, low phosphate and extra boron.

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15-5-15 Cal-Mag Special with black iron


Peters Excel Cal-Mag Special is an excellent all-purpose, complete formulation that features high Nitrate Nitrogen and low Phosphate with extra Calcium and Magnesium.  Growing with Peters Excel Cal-Mag Special produces healthy, compact plants over a wide variety of species and cultivars.

Ideal for growers using Type 2 irrigation water (alkalinity measurements of 60 ppm to 150 ppm Calcium Carbonate as defined by the patented Peters A-B+C system)*.


  • A formulation for constant, balanced nutrition in one bag programs.
  • Ideal in operations irrigating with Water Type 2
  • Contains a complete range of essential micronutrients as prescribed by the Peters® M-77® Chelated Micronutrient system.


*The Peters® A-B+C patented product selection system identifies Peters® products as: All-Purpose Products, Base Products and Customizing products.  The use of these products in fertilization programs are determined by the alkalinity of the irrigation water and the plant selection being grown.

The Peters® A-B+C System can be accessed to create or fine tune your fertilization program at

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