The art of plant nutrition sometimes needs a little science

Scientific assessments give you the information you need to improve your plants and maximize profits

The more you know, the better you can grow. Knowing and understanding your water type is the first step in choosing the right plant nutrition products. Soilless growing media testing helps fine tune your nutritional programs, while plant tissue assessments can diagnose possible causes of various deficiencies. And for turf managers and landscapers, a comprehensive soil test is critical to an effective turf management program.

ICL Lab Services gives you access to a full-service lab dedicated to providing accurate, affordable analysis through an entire suite of analytical testing. The Lab provides easy-to-understand reports for water, growing media or soil, and plant tissue.

Combined with the expertise of our technical advisors and decades of R&D, ICL Lab Services is your go-to source for the information you need to grow your plants—and your business.

Available assessments include:

  • irrigation water 
  • treated water/fertilizer solution                 ICL Testing Lab
  • growing media                                             300 Speedway Circle
  • mineral soil                                                   Suite #2
  • plant tissue                                                   Lincoln, NE 68502


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