Keep Your Plants Hydrated From Start to Finish with H2Pro™

May 25, 2018
  • Whastsapp

H2Pro™ Greenhouse and Nursery is a specialized surfactant specially designed for use in containers, pots, hanging baskets, flats, trays, modules and plugs. Its unique formulation optimizes water-holding capacity in soilless media, decreases irrigation frequency and reduces wilting and dry spots. Available in both liquid and granular formulations, it can be applied at any time during the season—from soil blending right through to shipping. At high rates, H2Pro™ Greenhouse and Nursery’s wetting ability can continue for up to a year.

Other great benefits include:

  • retains performance even after many wet-dry cycles or if media is stored for months prior to use
  • uniform moisture distribution creates better root environment and allows for a more even distribution of solutions applied to the pot
  • reduces or eliminates dry spots and perched water tables in the pot
  • uniform moisture distribution creates better root environment
  • reduces losses due to dry down in postproduction and retail environments


To learn more about H2Pro™ Greenhouse and Nursery, including application instructions, visit the product page or contact your ICL representative today.