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Vitalnova® Vitalnova® G20F

Vitalnova® G20F

  • Advantages
  • Suggested Application Rates
  • Directions for use
  • Easy to incorporate into regular spray programs using standard equipment
  • Low use rate
  • Low cost in use
  • No phytotoxicity observed at concentrations up to 1:20 dilution ratio
  • Tank mix compatible with fertilizers
  • Convenient 1 liter package size for low initial investment
Suggested Application Rates
  • It is best to apply a week prior to major growth or stress events in a plants life
    • Spray a week prior to removing field grown plants from a field and repotting.
    • Apply prior to flowering and bud set.
    • Spray plug trays prior to shipping to customers.
    • Apply a week prior to cutting collection.
    • Spray propagation beds a week before pulling them lining them out into fields.
    • Use weekly on the nursery during shipping periods.
Directions for use
  • Ornamental application rate of 13 ounces per acre applied one week before stress.  See label rates on other plants.
  • Because you cannot always predict stress, 7 ounces per acre every two weeks will give sustained stress relief.
  • Spray to wet. This is a foliar micronutrient product so runoff solution is not as effective

Product Sheet

Vitalnova G20F is a chelated micronutrient package designed for foliar applications. It works best when applied a week prior to key events in the growth cycle of agricultural crops, ornamental plants and turf. When used as directed, Vitalnova G20F has improved yield in agronomic crops and durability (ruggedness) in ornamental plants under stress.

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