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H2Flo Liquid Surfactant

H2Flo Liquid Surfactant

  • Advantages
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  • Directions
  • Signigicantly reduces irrigation volumes
  • Can be used in conjunction with fertilizers
  • Works quickly and effectively with all soil types
  • Penetrates and migrates, affecting the entire root zone
  • 3D technology allows for excellent vertical and lateral movement of the wetting front
  • Flexible application rates programs and rates, easily adaptable into all crop programs
  • High strength product, contains 88% surfactant for superior performance at lower application rates


H2Flo is a wetting and water conservation agent for use with soil that enables quick and total wetting of the soil. The 3D technology utilized in H2Flo enhances both the lateral and vertical movement of the wetting front. Use of this product allows for the reduction of irrigation volumes and reduced runoff, especially during initial soil wetting.

Application Rate chart

H2Flo Rate

(fl oz/acre)

Irrigation Rates


Pre-plant, soil wet-up 16-32 100-200
Initial in-crop 16-32 100-200
Monthly in-crop 8-16 100






H2Flo should be applied at initial soil wet-up and in-crop with fertigation; applications should be spaced 30 days apart. H2Flo is effective in all soil types. For best results please consult with your local ICL-SF Territory Manager or call ICL-SF customer service at 800.492.8255.

A unique blend of surfactants designed to move water and fertilizers more efficiently through soil. H2Flo contains the highest concentration of active ingredients (88%) of any wetting agent on the market today.