The perfect match of supply and demand

Agroblen gives growers complete control over their nutritional programme. Agroblen contains a 100% coated NPK granule to provide a controlled release of the nutrients over a pre-determined length of time. With Agroblen, growers can apply multiple applications or just once a year depending on the crop’s needs. The ideal combination of efficiency and simplicity.

Agroblen products are used in open-field areas, in plant hole applications and in pots.

Benefits of Agroblen:

  • Higher plant yield 
  • Less soil compaction
  • Less labour-intensive 
  • Environmentally friendly 




17-9-8+4MgO | 8-9M

Agroblen 17-9-8+4MgO is a fully coated, NPK controlled release fertilizer designed for medium to long-term crops. It has enough nutrients to feed the plant throughout 8 – 9 month crop cycle. This continuous supply of nutrients creates a fantastic uniform crop growth.

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