Fertilizers in top ten list of technology solutions to global challenges

4 September 2019
  • Whastsapp
Time for technology to take the strain
WEF engages the foremost political, business and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas and every year picks out a selection of technologies that it highlights for potential to radically provide significant benefits to societies and economies. In their latest report, just published, smarter fertilizers that are ecologically sound are highlighted as being “front-line technology that would help farmers to sustainably increase crop production”.
The business of bringing smarter fertilizers to farmers
One member of our fertilizer family, ICL Specialty Fertilizers, gets a special mention. This is for the way that we manufacture crop nutrition products with nutrient-release rates precisely formulated to suit the needs of specific crops or growing conditions.
Also, in the FertilizerpluS premium line of products, we have the Polysulphate family of fertilizers. These are multi-nutrient fertilizers originating from our ICL Boulby mine. This is the only polyhalite mine in the world and is bringing to the surface record amounts of the natural multi-nutrient with a natural, ‘smarter’ prolonged-release pattern for supplying key plant nutrients over a long period of time.
Both ICL Speciality Fertilizers and Polysulphate have the double benefit of providing more effective crop nutrition plus less environmental problems from wasted or unabsorbed nutrients leaching away.
Playing our part in precision, sustainable farming
Our controlled-release and prolonged-release fertilizers are now firmly centre stage as a solution for achieving more from sustainable farming. As the WEF report states, they are the means to “ensure that significantly higher levels of nutrients reach the crops, leading to higher yields with less fertilizer”.
Read or download the WEF Top 10 Emerging Technologies report from the WEF website.