I grow soft fruit

Discover our products for growing your soft fruit crops

ICL Specialty Fertilizers products are the right choice to feed soft fruits grown in substrates as well as in the soil. Our complete product range of control release fertilizers, fertigation with fully-soluble fertilizers and foliar feeding are optimum to obtain the best mineral nutrition regime for your crops.

What type of soft fruit do you grow?


Blackcurrant requires high application rates of calcium and iron. This soft fruit can be grown successfully on a wide range of soil types, which provide good drainage, and where soil fertility is adjusted and maintained.

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Grape - Table

Table grapes are fairly tolerant to a wide range of soil pH, but do well in a pH of 5,5 to 6,0. It generally produce higher quality fruits when the climate is warm and dry, with a long growing season.

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Grape - Wine

Wine grapes, grow best when the soil pH is between 6.0 and 6.5. If your soil tests below this range, add lime to raise the pH up to the said range.

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Blueberries grow best on a sunny site in sandy peat soil, but they also do well in heavy soils if they are well-drained, aerated, high in organic matter and receive adequate moisture. The most important requirement for growing blueberries is acidic soil.

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Raspberry is a crop that needs high rates of nitrogen, for both fruit and cane production. Boron is an important element for raspberry. The plant grows in a wide range of soil types, from sandy to clay loams, ideally with pH at 5.8–6.5

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Strawberries prefer slightly acidic soils with pH 5.5–6.5. Strawberry plants are extremely sensitive to salinity, chloride and boron. Special attention must be given to iron deficiencies.

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