Summer tips: pruning and water quality

8 June 2018
  • Whastsapp

Pruning crops: take the flowering period into account!
Time flies and June is already upon us! For Europe this means that we have almost reached midsummer or summer solstice, the longest day of the year (20-23rd June). It is important to prune your crops in time, especially those, that need to develop flowers later this year. If you don’t prune these plants, their flower production will not be sufficient or consistent enough. Main crops which have to be pruned before June 21st: Viburnum, Ericaceae, Photinia (for good branching).

Water quality: be aware of changes
Several areas in Europe experienced dry periods in April and May. The availability of rainwater can be limited in droughts and growers may have to change their irrigation source. Keep in mind that when you change your water source, some actions have to be taken to continue good growth:

  • Take an analysis of your stock water after periods of drought and/or heavy rainfall
  • Adjust your water-soluble recipes to match the water quality
  • Not only pH and EC levels are important: it is mainly about the HCO3 levels in the water - which you can influence by choosing the right water-soluble fertilizers!

Have a good summer season!

Dorus Rijkers
International Technical Manager - Horticulture