50 Years Osmocote

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The invention of Osmocote and expansion to Europe

The coated fertilizer method was invented by a large American grain firm, Archer Daniels Midland Corporation. After the Sierra Chemical Company bought the technology, they introduced the 1st generation of coated fertilizers in 1967: Osmocote, an NPK granule with an organic resin coating around it, ensuring that only one application of nutrients would be enough for a long period of time. The 1970s brought a new formulation in the Osmocote product line and Sierra's expansion to Europe.



The 2nd generation of Osmocote and acquisition by Scotts

Sierra introduces the dibbling process, with Osmocote being placed in a hole in the growing medium and the plant placed over the Osmocote. The development of Osmocote Pro 2nd generation coated fertilizers and Osmocote Mini provide new advantages to growers from the late 80s. Sierra’s two major shareholders retire and sell their shareholding to WR Grace & Co. Grace-Sierra is formed in 1989 and a new era dawns when the Scotts Company buys Grace-Sierra and its technologies in the 90s.



Osmocote steps into the 20th century with unique innovations

The result of 3rd generation innovation and development, Osmocote Exact provides maximum guarantee of good growth and perfect quality. Featuring the unique breakthrough technology of programmed release, Osmocote Exact DCT (Double Coating Technology) is the latest Osmocote generation. With four generations of coated fertilizers Osmocote still leads the industry with the broadest and most effective range of solutions. We celebrate 50 years of Osmocote and we're working hard on the Osmocote of the future.