Celery is a heavy feeder so unless the soil is extremely fertile, it normally requires the application of large quantities of nutrients. Up to 100 MT/ha may be applied but keep nitrogen levels under control. Soil pH should be maintained in the range 6.0–6.8 (preferably above 6.5). Lower pH levels are tolerated on peat soils. Celery has a high nitrogen requirement. Generally, apply ~66% of the nitrogen at planting time and the remainder- side-dressed by 2-3 applications. Consider the nitrogen in legume sod and manure applications since "black-heart" syndrome (due to calcium deficiency) can be aggravated by over-applied nitrogen. Phosphorus should be broadcast preplant in moderate applications. Sandy-loam soils may be low in potash, so, on these soils incorporate the potash preplant, and by side-dressing.