• elemental
Nitrogen Total (N) 19%
Ammoniacal nitrogen (NH4-N) 4.0%
Urea nitrogen (Ur-N) 14.5%
Phosphorus (P) 8.3%
Water soluble 6.2%
Potassium (K) 4.1%
Water soluble 4.1%
Magnesium (Mg) 1.2%
Suplhur (S) 6.8%

Agromaster Agromaster Start Mini


  • Advantages
  • Description
  • Directions for use
  • Special fertilizer for cereal crops and reseeding, localized application in drills with the possibility of using micro-granules.
  • Newly established young seedlings will not burn.
  • The high phosphorus content increases and improves plant root development and its setting. Ideal for use in direct seeding.
  • 41 % controlled release nitrogen allows the rapid formation of the plant and increases crop density.
  • The inclusion of trace elements ensures that the plant is more resistant to stress and disease
  • The magnesium increases photosynthetic activity of the plant.

Nitrogen is encapsulated allowing a release period of three months. This longevity is ideal for cereal since it allows fertilizer application with the top dressing.

Directions for use

The application rate in sowing cereal is 50-80 kg per hectare.

- A test should be done to determine the best location next to the seed. The fertilizer should either be applied beside or below the seed, (no more than
1-2 cm).

- Avoid breaking the orange granule with the applicator, since it is a controlled release fertilizer.

Agromaster Start Mini is a controlled release fertilizer that acts as a fast-acting starter fertilizer. Phosphorus acts immediately to improve the development of the seedling.