One name: ICL Specialty Fertilizers

1 June 2015
  • Whastsapp

Everris, Fuentes, Nu3, Novapeak and F&C have now fully united to form a global leader in specialty fertilizer solutions. This transition to one strong, united and global company with the name ICL Specialty Fertilizers will give growers and end users a range of benefits. It will result in an expanded product portfolio, stronger emphasis on innovation and product development and further integration and optimization of the operations and supply chain.

This integration builds on a rich history in specialty fertilizers spanning decades. The company’s focus will continue to be on fulfilling the needs of end users and growers. Karl Mielke, CEO of ICL Specialty Fertilizers, explains: ‘ICL Specialty Fertilizers has developed a rich portfolio of products to serve the new needs of the growers. Based on our experience and understanding of customer needs, we operate a dedicated distribution network for specialty fertilizers that includes an in-house highly professional and agronomic sales team and a wide chain of distributors worldwide. Our view is that the field service and distribution of specialties is very specific and focused on direct contact with and ongoing support to the end user and grower. We also want to expand our portfolio. The recent strategic alliance with Yunnan Yuntianhua in China will lead to an expanded product offering for ICL Specialty Fertilizers and we also have R&D projects to expand our offering to include new soluble PK fertilizers.’

ICL Specialty Fertilizers is dedicated to meeting evolving needs in three primary segments: Ornamental Horticulture, Specialty Agriculture and Turf & Amenity. The integration provides a host of advantages for customers across all three segments. It brings together a strong and united team of leading professionals to provide growers and turf users with even better service. The product portfolio will also be expanded in order to be able to offer solutions to meet every need.

The company has consequently expanded its research capabilities in both its laboratories and in the field. ‘We want to speed up the research and product development of our core technologies such as solubles and controlled release fertilizer technologies. We have also launched the development of new nutrient efficiency technologies and growth enhancers. In order to enable this, we have put together a specific team of experienced agronomists to test our new technologies more extensively and faster in the field based on the different soil types and climates across the globe. In the Ornamental Horticulture and Turf & Amenity market, we are committed to having a clear integrated plant and turf management approach and to supporting the growers and turf end users with a comprehensive portfolio of solutions.’

The resources and know-how have now been pooled to create a center of excellence and expertise that is also supported by the ICL Group’s innovation division. This will result in new products and technologies that make grass, plants and crops grow greener, stronger and healthier. The integrated division will also enable ICL Specialty Fertilizers to improve the environmental profile of plant nutrition and maintenance products and services without reducing their efficiency. There will likewise be a clear focus on further improving the operations and supply chain. Karl Mielke: ‘ICL Specialty Fertilizers is proud to have both technology partners and dedicated and strong distributor partners in each specific market. We work together to present our innovations and grower solutions.’

The name ICL Specialty Fertilizers will gradually replace the former names on product packaging and in marketing and communications through the course of 2015. Uniting under one name paves the way for strong development and growth en route to the future. The ultimate objective of this transition is to meet growers’ evolving needs in a constantly changing world.

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