How to take an accurate fertilizer solution sample

  1. Test any stock solution or solution from the end of the hose.
  2. For dilute fertilizer solutions, turn on injector and flush out the lines or hoses for several minutes with fertilizer solution before taking the sample. For concentrated fertilizer solutions, stir the tank first to make sure you collect a representative sample.
  3. Fill a clean bucket with the fertilizer soluion from one source (repeat process for each source).
  4. Submerge a Everris™ sample bottle or clean, unbreakable, leak-proof container that holds a minimum of 5 fluid ounces (100 ml) completely to the top, making certain there is no air space in the container.
  5. Close the lid tightly and clearly label each bottle with a permanent marker. Use a unique Sample ID code for each bottle. Example: Injector #2, Green House B, 200 ppm N.2O.
  6. Complete the sample questionnaire using your “Sample ID code”. Retain a copy for your records.
  7. Send the sample(s) and the questionnaire(s) to The ICL Specialty Fertilizers Testing Lab within 24 hours via overnight or two-day delivery.