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4 x 5 ltr

H2Pro pHixer


  • Advantages
  • Description
  • Directions for use
  • Application Rate
  • Reduces the negative impact of hard water on spray treatments
  • Treats water with high salinity
  • Especially useful for herbicide, fungicide or foliar feed treatments in hard water areas
  • Water turns pink when at the optimum pH level

pHixer adjusts spray tank water to an optimum pH level of 4.0 - 5.0. as it contains water conditioners that dissolve the carbonates in the spray solution to reduce their ability to react with pesticides or foliar feeds.

pHixer also contains an indicator dye which turns pink when the water has achieved the ideal pH range.

Directions for use
  1. Establish the general pH and hardness of your spray water in your area.
  2. From the application rate table, calculate how much pHixer should be added.
  3. As soon as a stable pink colour is obtained there is no need to add additional quantities of pHixer. If the desired colour change is not correct after adding the selected quantity of pHixer the optimum pH range has not yet been reached. Continue adding pHixer in small quantities at a rate of 10ml/100 litres of water (with constant agitation) until the correct shade is reached
  4. Mix pHixer thoroughly before adding pesticides or foliar feeds.
Application Rate

Water Hardness Rating

Application rate ml / 100 L of spray water

Total hardness concentration in (mg/l) as CaCO3


40 - 50 ml

0 – 50


50 - 80 ml

50 – 100

Medium Hard

80 - 180 ml

100 – 200


180 - 200 ml

200 - 300

Very Hard

200 - 220 ml

> 300

pHixer is a specialist water conditioner with pH colour indicator that helps to maximise the effectiveness of spray applications.

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