ICL to showcase benefits of CRF range at Croptec

6 October 2017
  • Whastsapp

With pressure on farmers to work in a more sustainable manner increasing, those looking to improve their environmental credentials, while boosting crop yields, should head to the ICL Speciality Fertilizers stand, number 45 in hall 1, at Croptec, to learn about its innovative range of Controlled Release Fertilizers (CRF).

Scott Garnett, from ICL Speciality Fertilizers, explains that the leaching of nitrates into surface water is a major issue for the industry, but suggests that the use of CRFs, in preference to a standard nitrogen programme, could play a key part in the solution to this.

And while ICL’s fertilizer range will assist farmers in reducing their impact on the environment, the products have also been proven to significantly increase the efficiency of nutrient use, therefore improving crop yield and quality.

“The technology is simple, but highly effective. The fertilizer granules have a special E-Max coating, which is essentially a semi-permeable layer that controls the release of the fertilizer to the growing plant,” says Scott.

“This works in conjunction with the soil temperature and moisture content, with more fertiliser being made available as the soil warms up. If the temperature then drops, the coating condenses and stops the flow of nutrients.

“So essentially, nutrients aren’t released in excess, and those that are available, are utilised by the plant, meaning that the risk of the product polluting water is considerably reduced.

“When the nutrients are fully released, the E-max coating disintegrates harmlessly into the soil,” he adds.

For more information please visit icl-sf.com/uk/explore/fruit-vegetables-arable-crops/ or visit stand 45 in hall 1 at Croptec.